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cierre cleaning service it’s a unique leather care service, activated to protect its natural beauty. In case of accidental solid or liquid stains, contact the customer care to receive dedicated assistance of a cierre tutor in 3 ways. to activate the service just send a photo with a short description.


_alltime plus leather cougar and windsor

characterized by a unique soft touch, these leathers are treated in drums with a waterproof and oil repellent treatment, that makes them very easy to clean, even from stubborn stains.


_alltime nabuk leather nabuk and natural velour

cierre leathers nabuk and natural velour, which are very soft, natural and breathable, are specifically treated to be waterproof. discover how to protect them.


_alltime setanil leather setanil

from raw material procurement to product manufacturing, up to processing and finishing: every stage of leather checking is attentively and carefully monitored. Thanks to our meticulousness, we can guarantee excellent product quality.

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