we treat leather in a classic way, making sure to maintain low levels of environmental impact. the quality of each product is ensured through our checks, which are carried out with the utmost care.


Our choice begins from the raw material, we evaluate the best raw leather so as to have already a right division for the development of our products.


Once the initial salting phase is concluded, the leather is immersed in drums to make it regain some of the water it has lost.


In this phase, the leather is “laid bare”, since hair is removed.


The excess subcutaneous adipose residue is removed from the skin through a mechanical process.


The derma is separated into several layers and the top one, the only one with full-grain potential, is preserved.


In order to provide chemical and biological stability, the organic decomposition of the hides is stopped.


Using a cylinder machine with helical blades, the thickness of the hides is levelled as necessary.

penetration dyeing for leather in aniline and semi-aniline.

The aniline and semi-aniline hides are dyed evenly, using organic dyes.


The hides are softened and rehydrated to give the hide a better “hand”.


Laid out on preheated plates, the leather is deprived of any excess humidity.

hand buffing

This procedure, used only on Vintage and Piumone Vintage products, adds shine and elegance to leather.


It ensures resistance of leather to rubbing, fading and stains.

ironing & pressing

It is a useful procedure to ensure full-grain consistency of leather.


The length of leather is measured electronically.



it all started with a dream. realizing a passion, creating – thanks to our artisan know-how passed on from generation to generation – products that are our own, that were devised by us, that were perfected and thoroughly analyzed before being brought into the homes of our clients, and to our homes

made in italy

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