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How to choose the right sofa color shade

With CIERRE, you have the choice. Whether you choose lighter or darker shades or colors is ultimately a question of taste. However, you should make your choice carefully, because the sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your living room. The right model also determines the colors of other pieces of furniture, as it indicates the basic shade. The following explains how to make the right choice.

Are you remodeling your apartment?

If you are still at the beginning of your furnishing project, you can confidently buy the sofa of your choice and furnish the rest of the room around the sofa. Since it often represents the center of a room, the sofa color determines the rest of the ambience.

You could also adjust the wall color to match the color of the sofa. This will give the room more depth and make it appear larger.

However, if you are looking for a model for a room that has already been furnished, this will limit your possibilities somewhat. The color of the sofa must then be based on the rest of the furniture. In this case, models with neutral colors are often the first choice. Or the sofa can complete the rest of the decoration and lead a more inconspicuous existence.

Light or dark sofa?

Once you have chosen the color of the sofa, you then have to choose between light and dark colors. The floor of the room plays a particularly important role. Do you have a carpet, dark wooden floor or light laminate?

As a rule of thumb, a dark sofa is more likely to work best on a lighter floor. However, if the floor is darker then a darker sofa will disappear in the room. Then, for example, a lighter piece of furniture such as a light-toned table in front of the sofa is an advantage. Because it gives the dark sofa color the necessary contrast to bring it back to life.

However, a light-colored sofa can also have disadvantages. For example, if you have a dog or cat in the house, animal hair can quickly become noticeable.

Neutral colors for creative decoration ideas

If you are a very colorful person who likes to combine different accents, a neutral color could be the right choice for your sofa. This way you can playfully design with both the wall paint and the rest of the furniture. For example, you can decorate your neutral-colored sofa with colorful sofa cushions.

Discover the variety of sofa furniture at CIERRE

At CIERRE you will find a large selection of high-quality, Italian upholstered furniture. All sofas, beds, armchairs and other furniture are handmade and follow a long family tradition that combines elegance and style with modern design. The original craftsmanship has barely changed at all. More than 130 artisans work under a 12.000m² roof at CIERRE to produce first-class furniture.

Did you know that at CIERRE 90% of the entire production cycle takes place internally?

In order to guarantee the highest quality, CIERRE attaches great importance to the fact that each step of production is carried out internally. The manufacture of construction materials, sewing, cutting, assembly and design are completely controlled in-house. This means that every step undergoes strict and numerous quality controls carried out by the staff at CIERRE.

Quality leather – the special trademark of CIERRE

At CIERRE, leather is more than just a raw material. Each piece of leather is unique and is treated as such by the company’s designers.

For us, leather is what the palette is for the painter” – According to this credo, the respective leather inspires every single piece of furniture design. Each piece of leather is carefully selected for use at CIERRE. It is then processed in-house and in an environmentally friendly way.

But even after this, it has to undergo many quality checks in order to meet the demands of the Italian family-owned company. This is the only way to create the unmistakably valued upholstered furniture that distinguishes CIERRE worldwide.

CIERRE is represented in more than 40 countries worldwide

When Romano Conficconi founded CIERRE in the 1970s, his vision was to produce high-quality upholstered furniture that would combine elegance, maximum comfort and durability. Years of ambition and attention to detail have resulted in CIERRE now supplying more than 40 countries worldwide. Customers have always been able to depend on the reliable quality of Italian handwork.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about our products and services, we will be happy to help you. As an internationally operating company, we have many years of experience in dealing with suppliers and customers. We are happy to do our best to meet your individual needs.

Simply drop us a line! We look forward to hearing from you!



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