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Introducing Windsor Leather

Cierre, born in the 1940’s in Italy, by now, is synonymous to high quality work with leather. Our prime material and our way of living, leather is what we know and what we are skilled at.

Our story is an ancient one, of the kind that links us to the artisan tradition in the field of upholstered leather furniture of the Italy of the past when modern, synthetic materials were not available to us. Leather is what we had, and it’s what we’ve worked with for more than 40 years.

A quality piece of leather furniture would be nothing without quality leather. High quality leather has characteristics that distinguish it from the lesser quality material, like, for example, its price. But the price is not the only factor that allows us to distinguish the two. Because leather is an expensive raw material that must be laboriously tanned and is subjected to strict quality controls, it’s easy for merchants to just raise the prices and pretend lower grade leathers are top notch. In our case you’ll find we only use full-grain leathers, the highest quality leather there is.


We treat leather in the traditional way, making sure our environmental impact stays low. As you may already know, leather is made from the skin of an animal, in our case, usually skin of a cow. It’s important to remember that cow hides are a by-product of the meat industry – no animal was killed for its skin.  The first step to ensure that the leather we receive is good is to make sure the cows that it comes from have been treated well and were in good condition, as the aspect of the leather will be greatly affected by things like dehydration, insect bites and weather conditions.

The quality of each product is ensured through our internal controls, which are carried out with the utmost care. The leather we use at Cierre undergoes treatment and is strictly controlled to ensure its value. It’s a 14-step process that starts with none other than choosing the right leather.

Because leather for us is more than just a material, it’s our way of life, we are always looking for ways to be innovative and to bring our clients new and better leathers. We are very exciting to introduce Windsor Leather to the Cierre family.

Windsor Leather

Windsor Leather is made from both raw material of European origin, and with highly selected South American cattle from the Rio Grande do Sul region. All hides undergo a deep study to ensure that only the best hides will be processed and make it to the following manufacturing stages. Hides are subject to “top grain cold micro-incision”, a hi-tech system allowing the item to keep a natural softness as well as an even distribution of the grain.

The full grain leather that comes from these types of cattle has a uniquely soft and elastic texture. Windsor Leather is tanned with chrome, then retanned and finally dyed with aniline dye.

The natural appearance and feel are later obtained using the dry drumming process. Stainless steel drums with innovative hi-tech systems, specially developed for Cierre Imbottiti and namely for Windsor Leather, are used to make a unique, warm powdery touch. The final result is the natural and refined appearance of the leather.
Once the leather is cut to exact size, it’s upholstered onto the piece of furniture in questions. We know Windsor Leather will be a game changer and will help us create exquisite pieces of furniture that will not only look great, they will feel great and they will age great.

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it all started with a dream. realizing a passion, creating – thanks to our artisan know-how passed on from generation to generation – products that are our own, that were devised by us, that were perfected and thoroughly analyzed before being brought into the homes of our clients, and to our homes

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