Risultati per la parola


Deep signs, traces that tell a story: we offer the fruit of long experience



Animal species



Pigmented corrected grain


Chrome mineral


1,4 - 1,6 mm

Color variations

27 nuance, inspired by the colors in nature.

Romana 10
Romana 61
Romana 12
Romana 65
Romana 21
Romana 72
Romana 13
Romana 41
Romana 26
Romana 27
Romana 24
Romana 99
Romana 22
Romana 23
Romana 98
Romana 97
Romana 96
Romana 82
Romana 95
Romana 91
Romana 14
Romana 07
Romana 02
Romana 03
Romana 90
Romana 102
Romana 101
The leather Alltime: Stain-resistant and easy to clean

The definition of leather Alltime: identifies a product created exclusively for Cierre Imbottiti. Thanks to this trademark we can guarantee the quality

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