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The pleasure of resting in an elegant embrace.

2010 - Design Stefano Conficconi

_delicate and elegant

The elegant shapes and the softness of the headboard pillows go hand in hand with the desire to create a cosy and comfortable environment, with delicate lines. To this effect, the backrest has a slim design that, when viewed from the side, forms a slight recess.
Proportionate and balanced, the size of the frame offers great comfort and is available in two double bed versions: modern and king size. The bed also comes with a concealed storage unit, located beneath the mattress.


2_expanded polyurethane foam filling with different densities ranging from 35 to 40 kg/m3: 2 kinds of foams
3_acrylic fiber layers
4_solid beech slatted frame for mattress
5_solid fir frame
6_panel in multilayer poplar
7_polished chrome-plated iron base (on demand)
8_iron angle plates with epoxy powder coated finish
9_iron frame



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