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Clift is a sectional sofa with a soft touch and look, designed for your moments of light-hearted relax.

2019 - Design Marco Fumagalli

_free style

Extra deep seat, soft backrests with the support of lumbar cushions, armrests bended outwards; these are the connotative elements with which you can play
to customize your Clift with a mix and match of trendy shapes and colours.

Every composition brilliantly fits in all environments, even the most minimal. Thanks to its voluminous personality, making comfort real has never been so easy.


2_frame upholstered with expanded polyurethane foam in different densities from 18 to 120 kg/m3
2a_backrest cushion upholstery in polyurethane foam with different densities from 21 to 120 kg/m3, 6 types of foams
2b_seat cushions upholstery in polyurethane foam with different densities from 18 to 35 kg/m3, 4 types of foams
2c_seat cushions in memory foam
3_acrylic padding
4_elastic belts
5_frame in solid fir wood
6_metal frame
7_black plastic leg



Personalize your sofa With our wide selection of top quality leathers. Discover our catalog with finishes and colors to match.

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