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The divine sofa is characterized by a light structure with soft and welcoming cushions. The cierre mechanism allows you to play with the depth you want.

2020 - Design Maurizio Manzoni

_the king of kings

With its elegance, it satisfies any desire without compromise. Thanks to a special mechanism, the backrests can be moved back to achieve the ideal seating position for any occasion and to suit all tastes. Its thin feet ensure a high level of comfort, while its base and supporting frame are upholstered in leather to play with contrasts, with the option of customising the seats and backrests in fabric, or with extremely clean compositions entirely made of leather. All cushions can be customised as desired in either leather or fabric, or both.


2_frame upholstered with expanded polyurethane foam in different densities from 50 to 70 kg/m³, 2 types of foams
2a_back cushions upholstery is in siliconized microfiber
2b_seat cushions upholstery is in polyurethane foam with in different densities from 18 to 40 kg/m³
3_siliconized microfiber
3a_siliconized coupled microfiber
4_elastic belts
5_frame in multilayer poplar wood
6_metal frame
7_leg and side-plate in black chrome-plated metal
this model is equipped with a mechanism that allows you to adjust the position of the backrest, increasing or reducing the seat depth. The armrest is also equipped with a mechanism that allows you to adjust its position


Personalize your sofa With our wide selection of top quality leathers. Discover our catalog with finishes and colors to match.

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