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Class is synonymous with attention to detail. Being very discreet, olli interprets the contemporary classic style, inventing an endless variety of possible worlds with its contrasting solid line.

2017 - Design studio tecnico Cierre

_a design characterized by a classic, linear taste

Olli is a soft sofa provided with elegant precision, played down by the soft cushions that complete its contemporary style.

The contrasting thread gives a lively, original touch to the living area, according to the current trends or personal taste.


2_frame upholstered with expanded polyurethane foam in different densities from 30 to 35 kg/m3: 3 different types of foams
2a_back cushions upholstery is in polyurethane foam with a density: AT35 and HT35
2b_seat cushion upholstery is in polyurethane foam with a density of 40 kg/m3
3_sterilized, hypoallergenic goose-down
4_acrylic padding
5_elastic belts
6_frame in multilayer poplar wood
7_chrome plated metal base
8_black plastic legs



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