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Collection 2020. Tailormade.
The leather combines
with the fabric.

_new collection

this year I saw the birth of a collection that represents a great leap in quality, in terms of product range, design and materials, while always maintaining focus on competitiveness, given by being manufacturers of all cierre branded products. our goal of creating a complete collection is taking shape, cierre is expanding throughout the house, not just living or bedding but also dining solutions. the range of the collection is inspired by the achievement of a total look.

_Innovation, always.

_new accessories

stylish, fundamental objects that contribute to give even more character to your furniture. pleasant and timeless, they experiment the latest design trends and let the imagination run wild.


_new designers

we are a breeding ground of ideas, a creative hive that takes inspiration from the world that surrounds us. we pay very close attention to detail, we are real perfectionists, and we always question ourselves in a constructive way, until we are hwp-contenty with the outcome. every new project derives from an idea developed thanks to everyone’s personal contribution. it is an exciting process that always pushes us to find new forms of expression and allows us to grow every day.


_cierre projectservice

cierre_projectservice is dedicated to architects, interior designers, designers, planners



it all started with a dream. realizing a passion, creating – thanks to our artisan know-how passed on from generation to generation – products that are our own, that were devised by us, that were perfected and thoroughly analyzed before being brought into the homes of our clients, and to our homes







we love creating new products and monitoring the whole production process, ensuring that everything goes well. to this end, we use our expertise in the most tangible way possible: thanks to our attentive eyes and expert hands, we carefully select the best materials and then we perfect them with our unique touch.


Cierre living in leather
Italy, Forlì (FC) 47122
Via Giovanni Ansaldo, 2
T. (+39) 0543 785911
F. (+39) 0543 782493
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